Concert Works

Composers may submit one work of electroacoustic music or audiovisual work for review by the selection committee. We welcome the broadest variety of styles and approaches to electroacoustic music. Works may be proposed for the featured performers and ensembles listed below. Alternatively, composers may provide their own performers (for whom the conference registration fee will be waived). Works under 15 minutes in duration will receive preference. We encourage composers to take advantage of special opportunities described below, and also to consider the conference theme of “emotion and electroacoustic music” in choosing their submission.

Multichannel Music

The Cube in the Moss Center for the Arts houses a 124.4 speaker system. We welcome works designed to take advantage of this unique multichannel system. Traditional configurations of stereo, quadraphonic, and octophonic music are also supported

Music for Digital Ensembles

We welcome works for any digital ensemble. The Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) is available to perform works composed specifically for that ensemble. L2Ork is an ensemble dedicated to exploration of gesture and communal interaction in live computer music. Works for L2Ork use pd-l2ork (a Pd variant) as its software platform. Installation instructions for pd-l2ork and supporting hardware setup will be posted here shortly. For more information on L2Ork, please see: We also welcome submission of works for other laptop orchestras or ensembles of mobile digital devices, with the expectation that the proposing ensemble will perform the work themselves if accepted at SEAMUS.

Electroacoustic Music for Young People

As part of the conference, we will have one concert dedicated to a young audience, drawn from regional elementary, middle, and high schools. We invite pieces that would specifically appeal to this audience. Composers whose work is programmed in this category will be encouraged to briefly present the ideas behind their work, prior to its performance, in order to inspire this young audience to further explore electroacoustic music.

Performers and Ensembles

Virginia Tech performance faculty members look forward to collaborating with composers whose work is programmed, to present outstanding electroacoustic performances.

Available performers:

  • Ariana Wyatt, soprano
  • Elizabeth Crone, flute
  • Phillip O. Paglialonga, clarinet
  • Wallace Easter, horn
  • Jason Crafton, trumpet
  • Jay Crone, trombone
  • Tracy Cowden, piano
  • Richard Masters, piano
  • Annie Stevens, percussion
  • William J. Glazebrook, violin/viola,
  • Alan Weinstein, cello

Available ensembles:

  • L2Ork (Laptop orchestra)
  • The Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble
  • Elemental Winds (wind quintet)

Please let us know if you would prefer to bring your own performer(s).

All works must be submitted through the SEAMUS submissions portal.