Listening Rooms

Perform Studio, Moss Arts Center

Stadluft Macht Frei (the city air makes you free)*, Orlando Garcia
Hunger Dreams in Flocks, Hunter Ewen
Seeing the Past Through the Prism of Tomorrow, Keith Kirchoff
Nova Vita*, Ryan Olivier
Aqueous, Clay Allen
Tender Spirit I, Kyong Mee Choi
Trapped by Polygons*, David McDonnell
Wild Arc, Lee Weisert
C10H14N2, Sunglae Park
Junk Jam*, Ramon Castillo
tingting, Vladimir Smirnov
Jungles: Remix, Caroline Miller
A Driving Figure*, Jonathan Wilson
Neon Rush, Brian Sears
Windows Left Open, Sean Peuquet
The Laws of Nature*, Ian Clarke
Sketches of Chauvin (Waltz & Two-Step), Trey Duplantis
Nexus, Mitch Weakley


DISIS Lab, Newman Library

Triptych: Three Studies in Gesture and Noise, William Price
Sliced Attractor, Paul Schuette
Wanderings, for clarinet and computer, Kyle Rowan
Utterings, Evan Williams
START, Robin Cox
lullaby for morning, Aurie Hsu
Ricochet Orbit, Jason Mitchell
Time (For Flute and Interactive Electronics), Ryan Woodward
Shadows of the Electric Moon, Per Bloland
Phyllotaxis, Jennifer Merkowitz
Omega, Cody Brookshire
Impulse/Repulse, Mitchell Herrmann
INTRA II for Viola and Electronics, Yoon-Ji Lee
Party Music, Devin Maxwell
Bolgia, Deovides Reyes III
Eroding Mountains, Scott Barton
Prelude and Death Fugue, Daniel Holmes
Sources of Water, Jaimie Hensley