Experience Studio, Moss Arts Center
Salt Marsh Suite, Carol Burch-Brown, Ann Kilkelly, and Tohm Judson

Cube Hallway, Moss Arts Center
#Carbonfeed, Jon Bellona and John Park

Fife Balcony Lobby, Moss Arts Center
The Collected Works of Ferin Martino as Conjured by Your Presence, Jeff Morris

Fife Mezzanine Lobby, Moss Arts Center
Interactive Soundscape Environment (InSeE), Tae Hong Park, Michael Musick, Samuel Mindlin, Andrew Phillips, Gemma Peacocke, Torin Geller, and Matthew Lau

XYZ Gallery: Room A
Father’s Dream Reliquary, Douglas Geers

XYZ Gallery: Room B
Ghost in the Codec, Ryan Maguire

XYZ Gallery: Rooms C & D
Meditation on Form and Measure, Steve Wanna

XYZ Gallery: Room E
As above, so below, Stephen Dydo and Susan Haire